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Awakening the heart: channeling emotions through yoga Emotions are very powerful tools in the hands of man. Most of us however find our emotions difficult to manage. Whether we are in touch with our emotions, or keep them bottled up inside, when emotions are turbulent, we cannot calm the mind. According to yogic texts “mind is man”. As the mind, so is the individual. As the mind, so is our life. When the mind is at peace, our experience of life is positive. Yoga provides ways to channel emotions, to open the heart and balance the rational and emotional aspects within us. As we come to understand our emotions on a deeper level, we learn to express them with great ease, and release any pent-up feelings that may be holding us back.The practice of emotional awareness enables us to tune into the peace within and awaken the heart’s potential. Besides its life changing effect on us, the beauty of an open heart lies in the many ways it can transform our relationships.